It Was Impossible To Kill The BMW M3 In Mission: Impossible

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That's not just a clever title.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation was released in time for Christmas on Blu-Ray and DVD, and that means plenty of new bonus features to be viewed. You know, the typical behind the scenes featurettes that aren't always interesting. But this time there was a pretty cool fact revealed. According to the movie's director, Christopher McQuarrie, the two BMW M3s used for filming simply couldn't be "killed." Tom Cruise himself couldn't even kill them during that wild chase scene filmed in Rabat, Morocco.

"Much to BMWs credit, we couldn't kill their cars, no matter how many times we did the gag. And we did a lot," McQuarrie stated. "But, while the cars were still running, they weren't exactly purring anymore." He's referring to all of those takes of the car going down those bumpy stairs, which were transformed into a ramp of sorts to make things less bumpy.

Those stairs were added back in post-production. "The BMW M3 is a fantastic car," McQuarrie added. "They took an amazing amount of punishment. I'll speak for Tom (Cruise) and say, 'Don't try this at home.'"

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