It Was Stupid Luck This Airborne Wheel Didn't Smash And Kill Anybody

Our nation's future engineers at work?

On the one hand it’s nice to see people still toying around with various crack pot mechanical inventions. Thing is, crack pot mechanics, generally speaking, is one of the fastest ways to win a spot on the annual Darwin Awards list. And these guys are damn lucky not to be on it for 2015. There are still plenty of opportunities for next year. Taking three unexploded airbags and placing a car wheel on top of it may sound like fun, but there’s something they didn’t really take into account: gravity.

What goes up must come down, and the velocity of a car tire that weighs, oh let’s say 20-22 lbs. (closer to 35 lbs. for truck tires) tumbling back to earth can mean a very messy death for someone.

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