Italdesign Giugiaro Brings Charmingly Insane Gea Concept To Geneva

Autonomous Car

A beautiful car that isn't ever going to happen.

We love it when an auto show includes at least a couple of real pie-in-the-sky 20 years in the future sorts of cars. And the Gea concept that Italdesign Giugiaro brought to the Geneva Motor Show is such a car if ever there was one. The car is big, roughly the size of a Rolls-Royce Ghost, as that's the segment it would supposedly compete in. You can see some very concept car touches right away, such as the lighting and the 26-inch wheels.

When you open the doors, which are a “book” design (meaning suicide doors in the back), there is no B-pillar, and a red light illuminates the ground to create a red carpet effect, supposedly. The interior of the car has three “modes," these are Business, Wellness and Dream. Business turns the car into a rolling office, which is possible because the car is also autonomous. The front passenger seat folds down and can work as a desk, while 19-inch monitors fold down from the roof for whatever you need them for. Wellness turns the car into a kind of gym, with handles in the floor for isometric exercises. Seriously.

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Finally, Dream mode is intended to relax the occupants, with low lighting and starry skies displayed on the monitors. The front seats can even convert into beds, because if the car isn't going to happen anyway, laws about sleeping behind the wheel aren't important. The car is also electric, with a motor at each hub creating a total of 764 horsepower, especially good since you'll have the option to drive if you want. Of course, it might just as well be powered by wishes for all the likelihood that it will actually happen. But we don't care, we love the car. It is absolutely beautiful and it's always encouraging to see someone in the industry dream big.