Italdesign Hints At Production-Ready Supercar Bound For Geneva

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We can infer that this time, it will be a production car and not just a concept.

In the car world, uniqueness and privilege typically go hand and hand but as with anything, there are varying degrees of each characteristic. A Bentley is both unique and exclusive but it's not as unique or exclusive as, say, a Lamborghini Veneno. Still, these are the terms that Volkswagen-owned Italdesign used to describe a car it teased this past December, claiming the new car would be unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show. This month, the bespoke automaker has released the second part to the teaser.

Geneva was a pretty special place in 2016 thanks to Italdesign's GTZero, what was essentially a Lamborghini Huracan that had undergone serious plastic surgery to give it a shooting brake body style. Then, it had its V10 engine removed and replaced by three electric motors and batteries that were integrated into the chassis, giving it a total output of 483 horsepower for a range of 310 miles when it wasn't busy approaching the 150 mph top speed. The teaser for Italdesign's 2017 encore performance depicts an octagonal headlight sticking out of a sharp and angry-looking crease in the metal with a cryptic message that reads, "This year we'll shine a light on five special stories, for five visionary collectors."

Auto Express reached out to the Italian design firm and was only able to confirm that the message meant that it would build five cars for five customers, meaning that, unlike the GTZero, this version would be a road going car. While it's anyone's guess as to what car Italdesign will use, the fact that it's owned by Volkswagen means that it has plenty of automakers to choose from including Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Audi, and even Bugatti. Intuition, the fact that the previous Italdesign concept was a Lamborghini Huracan, and the octagonal headlight shape tell us that the chance this new car is a Lamborghini derivative is high. Other than that, your imagination is the limit when it comes to predicting what automotive mashup the Italdesign will be, so dream away.

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