Italian Coachbuilder Builds World's First Tesla Model S Roadster


This is going to be a very ambitious project.

We've already seen coachbuilding companies convert the Tesla Model S into a shooting brake, but a roadster version of the electric sedan hasn't been attempted yet – until now. While we'll have to wait until the launch of the second-generation Roadster launches in 2020 for an official open-top Tesla, Italian coachbuilder Ares Design has announced it's creating the world's first Model S Roadster. The coachbuilder also recently announced plans to reimagine the Maserati A6G/2000 Spyder by Frua for the modern age.


An early sketch previews the unique design, which features two rear buttresses, frameless windows and a more prominent rear bumper.

No technical details have been provided, but Ares Design says it "will take all its knowledge and creativity into the all-electric cars universe, designing an exciting Roadster version of the Tesla Model S."

It's certainly an ambitious project. The required engineering for the conversion won't be easy, so it isn't surprising that it's taken so long for a coachbuilder to step up to the challenge.

While other companies have attempted to make custom Tesla Model S convertibles in the past, this is the first one we've seen with two doors and two seats. Other previous attempts have kept the sedan's four doors and two rows of seats, but we already prefer the look of this latest attempt. Hopefully, it will look more professional than previous efforts. Ares Design hasn't said when it intends to complete the project or revealed how much it will cost.

The coachbuilder also increased the output of the Lamborghini V10 engine it stuffed into the Project Panther, so it will be interesting to see if the Model S Roadster's powertrain receives any upgrades. Then again the Tesla Model S isn't exactly underpowered and adding more power will affect the range, so it seems unlikely.


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