Italian Greatness: Enzo Vs. LaFerrari

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Two of the greatest Ferraris come together.

They are two of the greatest hypercars ever built, and they just so happen to come from the same maker. Ferrari has been a symbol of high-performance excellence for well over a half a century both on and off the track. But only once a decade or so does it launch a road car that's outrageous in both styling and power. The two most recent offerings in this department are the Enzo and LaFerrari. To the non-enthusiast, those names may come across as somewhat cheesy.

Those in the know are keenly aware as to why the Prancing Horse chose them. Built in very limited quantities, both cars represent the very best from Ferrari at the time of their respective debuts. But will one of these have a more profound legacy than the other? Which will age better over the years? Can they even be properly compared? Your opinions are welcome as always.

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