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Italian Man Smashes His M6 Twice - Protesting BMW Service

Italian-Iranian guy drives to Geneva and demolishes his M6 because service center “cheats” customers.

Permoseni Hadi, an Iranian-born resident of Italy, is really unhappy with the service provided by his BMW dealership. So much so, that he has taken a hammer to his €120,000 BMW M6, all to protest the car’s various technical problems and the lack of response from BMW headquarters. Hadi demolished the car outside the Geneva Motor Show the other day, having done likewise at the September Frankfurt Show. His main complaints: interior vibrations, engine noise and a gear-shifting grinding.

The car looks great before he gets started, meaning that he must have paid to restore it after Frankfurt - only to smash it again this time. Check out this emotional and expensive protest from Geneva, that is clearly demonstrating this guy is incapable of protesting the way the rest of us do, by simply buying a different car.

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