Italian Mecca: Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum Opens in Modena

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A new museum, dedicated to Enzo Ferrari, has been opened in Modena, Italy.

A new museum was opened over the weekend in Modena, Italy. The focus of this brand-new and architecturally stunning gallery is none other than the legendary automotive icon Enzo Ferrari. Built next to his birthplace, the Ferrari museum was designed by famed architect Jan Kaplicky back in 2003 right before his untimely death. The €18 million building took 7 years to build and it features a huge, bright yellow roof lovingly referred to as "the Hood."

Kaplicky's colleague Andrea Morgante, who finished the project, said of Modena and the museum: "[It] is one of the most traditional cities in Italy, so it stands out like a yellow thumb. It is an oversize crossbreed of car design, architecture and the most advanced engineering. After seven years, it is quite an amazing achievement." The museum features exhibits on not only Ferrari but also on Pagani, Maserati and other famous Italian automakers that helped build Italy into a supercar country. It is open 363 days a year and admission for an adult is €13. Not bad for a day filled with historical supercars intermingled with Italian history.

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