Italian Police Transform Mafia's Ferrari 458 Spider Into Cop Car


Teaching the bad guys a lesson and kids that crime doesn't pay.

Having been confiscated from the Italian Mafia back in September 2015, Milan's local police force decided to transform this Ferrari 458 Spider, presumably procured through ill-gotten gains, into a cop car. With help from local body shop Carrozzeria Marazzi Caronno Pertusella, who, according to La Stampa, offered their services free of charge, the Italian supercar now sports the requisite police colors and standard equipment, including flashing blue lights!

The car will be used for educational projects in the city, teaching children that crime doesn't pay (in the long run at least) and that the government has the power to seize assets of those involved in criminal activities. The Milanese police have confiscated some 29 Ferraris and three motorcycles from organized crime members, all of which are now being used for similar police activities in the city. That said, we still think that the police force in Rome have the bragging rights after Lamborghini delivered its second Huracan to the capital's boys in blue for highway patrol service and medical transport.

In addition to the police decal, Lamborghini added a computer with a tablet for the passenger, a gun holster, video recording equipment, a police radio a siren and a luggage compartment equipped with a refrigeration system to transport organs as well as a defibrillator. While Rome may have the bragging rights in Italy, when it comes to police forces round the world, Dubai reigns supreme with a collection of police cars including a Bugatti Veyron, Aston Martin One-77, Mercedes SLS AMG and Lamborghini Aventador.

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