Italy and Germany Clash Over Fiat Chrysler Emissions Allegations

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Germany accuses Fiat Chrysler of emissions cheating and Italy is having none of it.

Last year, the notorious Dieselgate scandal took another turn when Germany's transport ministry accused Fiat Chrysler of manipulating its emissions testing. The on-going row got so heated that Germany threatened to ban all sales of Fiat Chrysler cars in the country and even got the European Commission involved with the dispute. According to Reuters, Italy has strongly denied the allegations; its transport ministry confirming that Fiat Chrysler vehicles are compliant with regulations and contain no emissions defeat devices.

The row escalated last weekend when Germany's Transport Minister called for Fiat Chrysler vehicles breaking emissions to be recalled and taken off the streets. "This is an inadmissible suggestion. You don't give orders to a sovereign nation like Italy," Italian Transport Minister Graziano Delrio said. Fiat Chrysler vehicles that were accused of containing hidden software to manipulate emissions testing include the Fiat 500X, Fiat Doblo and Jeep Renegade. Things went from bad to worse for Fiat Chrysler last week when the EPA accused the manufacturer of manipulating emissions tests in the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ram 1500 pick-up.

This is the last thing FCA needs right now, since the company is already in billions of dollars in debt. Italy's Transport Minister responded to the allegations saying it had "carried out the necessary checks and sent a detailed report to the German authorities which shows that the Fiat 500X, in contrast to what is claimed by Germany, is in compliance with regulations," adding that the European Commission has not conducted any tests of its own in response to Germany's request. Reuters, however, report that the Commission has been testing emissions on a rented Fiat 500X model, according to an EU official. VW officials are currently facing prosecution, so the outcome of what has essentially turned into Dieselgate 2.0 will certainly be interesting.

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