It's Illegal To Directly Sell Texas-Built Tesla Cybertrucks In Texas

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You can't make stuff like this up.

There are currently over 4.2 million pickup trucks in Texas, making the Lone Star state second in the nation behind California (4.7 million) in truck population. Combined with plenty of land and a business-friendly attitude, it's no wonder Tesla CEO Elon Musk chose Texas for its currently under-construction Gigafactory outside of the state capital of Austin. Upon completion, this facility will build the Tesla Cybertruck and, more than likely, the Model Y. Yes, Texas loves trucks and business. Ironically, it will be illegal to directly sell those Cybertrucks to Texans.

The Drive reports that the Texas state legislature will wrap up its 140 days of work that began on January 12 this week and won't convene again until 2023. That's right. The legislature meets for only a maximum of 140 days every other year.

2021 Tesla Cybertruck Front View Texas
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Open Trunk Texas
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Rear-Facing View Texas

One of the items on its agenda it failed to resolve this year was a change to the state's auto dealer franchise laws. The proposal would have finally allowed Tesla to directly sell its cars in the state. Texans who want to buy Teslas must currently do so out of state. Sometime during the legislature's is on a two-year break, Tesla will complete its new Gigafactory and begin building Cybertrucks at a rapid pace.

This essentially means Texas-built Cybertrucks will have to be shipped out of state before they can be re-delivered back to local buyers. It's an extremely odd situation and a particularly embarrassing one for Governor Greg Abbott who personally helped lure Tesla to his state when it was searching for a site to build its truck.

2021 Tesla Cybertruck View Out Back Texas
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Aft View Texas
2021 Tesla Cybertruck Trunk Space Texas

Musk even recently announced he's moving to Texas because it offers more "freedom" than California. The only way for Abbott to get out of this predicament is to call a special session to debate the subject and vote on it. As for Musk, he's clearly not pleased with this and wrote on Twitter he "sure would appreciate changing the law." Tesla has been fighting powerful dealership franchise lobbyists for years in several states over its direct sales model.

Dealers argue they're there to protect customers and to ensure fair competition. That may be true to an extent, but the fact of the matter is that times are changing. Either adapt, lose business, or in the case of Texas, face an extremely awkward situation.

2021 Tesla Cybertruck Central Console Texas
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2021 Tesla Cybertruck Side View
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