It's Time To Get Excited For The New BMW 3 Series

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This is a design we can get behind.

When the BMW M3 launched with its big, new, toothy grille, we wondered if the company was going to apply the same thing to the regular BMW 3 Series for an update. Now we know for a fact it didn't. The company did get a little wild with the reveal of the 4 Series Gran Coupe, but now that we've seen leaked images of the soon-to-be-revealed 3, and the styling changes we first saw last month on a prototype of the electric 3 Series, it's clear that the 3 will stick with well-proportioned kidney grilles. So we've prepared a render to show what that might look like on the finished product.


Thanks to those images, we've been able to put together a convincing idea of what the small styling changes would translate to on the new 3. At the front, the M Performance bumper clearly draws inspiration from the recently updated X3 M and X4 M, as well as the most recent version of the M5. Other than that, the only change we've made from a pre-update M340i dressed in M Performance parts is the headlights. These look more aggressive, more resolved, and more stylish overall than the pre-update model's design. It's a well-known thing among BMW people that you always buy the updated version, and this is why - BMW tests out a new look on the first model and then perfects it with the facelift. Hope for the M3, then? Maybe.


Unfortunately, the images didn't tell us much about the rear of the updated 3 Series, but of late, we've seen BMW stick to the same basic shape and simply improve the graphics and complexity for the taillights. Generally, only the front lights get massaged.

Either way, we think that the facelifted 3 Series will look fantastic, and the electric 3 Series that will likely arrive around the same time will be just as cool. With loads more tech expected, including the possibility of the iDrive 8 system and its curved display from the iX and i4, the interior experience will be improved a lot too. However, powertrains and performance are expected to remain the same, besides the addition of an EV model. Let's just hope that the new 3 arrives on time - BMW is finally being affected by the global semiconductor chip shortage, and the 3 Series is now one of the models on the backburner.

2019-2022 BMW 3 Series Sedan Front View Driving BMW
2019-2022 BMW 3 Series Sedan Rear View Driving BMW

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2019-2022 BMW 3 Series Sedan Front View Driving
2019-2022 BMW 3 Series Sedan Rear View Driving

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