JAC Motors to Launch Heyue SC Coupe at Beijing Auto Show

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The Chinese carmaker is known for flagrantly copying designs and making them their own, and their latest creation is no different.

If the name JAC Motors sounds familiar then that's because you're probably recalling the JAC 4R3 Ford F-150 pickup clone that made headlines in the US. Now the automaker is all set to launch a sports car, dubbed the JAC Heyue SC coupe, with the design based on the Tong Jian Innova S11 concept that debuted at the 2009 Shanghai Auto Show. Heyue translates loosely as 'Harmony & Happiness' and the styling seems to be a mix of Italian and German exotics.

There's a distinct Lambo front design, Ferrari rear end and Audi R8 side sills, while the sporty interior is pretty sharp. But its the go-faster stripes that will attract Chinese car buyers. It was rumored that the sports coupe was going to be powered by a gasoline-electric hybrid powerplant, but Car News China are reporting that power comes from a 2.4-liter engine rated at 162hp and 160lb-ft of torque, which seems terribly low for a $30,000 sports car. The website also claims the RWD coupe gets a 5-speed manual and has a 127mph top speed, which again seems a tad on the sluggish side.

The Heyue SC is set to hit Chinese showrooms this year priced at 200,000 Yuan, and will make its debut on 23 April at the Beijing Motor Show when official details will be announced.

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Source Credits: www.carnewschina.com

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