Jack Bauer's Aston Martin DB9 Is Now For Sale At A Bargain Price

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Now you can be a super spy too.

Jack Bauer is arguably one of the most legendary TV badasses of all time. The CTU special agent is known for fearlessly taking on the most dangerous covert missions to keep America safe, at all hours of the day, in the hit show 24. Seeing as how Jack Bauer is one of the greatest super spies ever, it's only fitting that the actor who played the role, Kiefer Sutherland, would own a 007-style Aston Martin DB9. Well, not only did Sutherland own one of these gorgeous British supercars, but it can now be yours for a bargain price.

The secret agent's former 2005 Aston Martin DB9 recently surfaced for sale online. The silver V-12 powered supercar has only 34,000 miles on the odometer, comes with a certified copy of Sutherland's original registration and can be bought for $75,000 in Bellingham, Washington.

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