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Jacked Up Ford Fiesta Test Mule Has Us Psyched For Baby Bronco

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This could be the closest thing we get to the coveted Fiesta ST.

We were extremely bummed out when Ford told us there was zero chance the all-new Fiesta ST would be sold in the US. With Ford's announcement to discontinue all passenger cars except the Mustang, models like the Fiesta will become relics of the past. In the Fiesta's place, we get the EcoSport SUV, which does give subtle hints that it's based on the beloved hatchback, but falls short of being a "fun" car.

Unfortunately, the EcoSport only produces 167 horsepower in its most powerful variant, meaning it is not a performance car. Luckily, Ford has been testing a new SUV that appears to be Fiesta-based, and we are hyped for it to arrive.

The last time we saw this test mule, it was driving around in the snow. Now Ford's jacked up Fiesta test mule has been spotted doing some hot weather testing. This time around, there are some significant differences. The last mule was longer and had five wheel bolts, while this one uses a stock Fiesta body with only four wheel bolts. This could end up being a minor detail because we doubt the final production car will end up wearing a Fiesta body. Still, the Fiesta uses only four wheel bolts, so perhaps the other test mule wasn't actually a Fiesta underneath.

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This test mule is rumored to be the upcoming "Baby Bronco," which was previously rumored to sit on the Focus platform. We hope the Baby Bronco does end up being Fiesta-based, hopefully, powered by the new Europeans Fiesta ST's 1.5-liter turbocharged EcoBoost engine. The EcoSport was a big disappointment in terms of being fun-to-drive, but Ford could completely make it up to us with an awesome Fiesta-base Baby Bronco.