Jacksonville Is Trying To Outlaw Backing Into Your Own Driveway

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This is somehow not an Onion story.

The city of Jacksonville, Florida, is getting laughed at by motorists around the United States for a new law that would prohibit backing a car into a driveway. Okay, so drivers could still back in but their license plate information would need to be clearly visible, either in the form of a plate or a note with letters at least two inches in height. The issue at hand is that the city outlaws abandoned or non-operational cars on private property. The people who check for these cars do so from the street and can't legally come on private property to see the backs of cars.

The bill hasn't become a law yet so there' still time for residents to fight it or tweak it so that it's less draconian. Florida is one of many states that doesn't legally require drivers to have front plates, so it'll be interesting to see how thing one plays out if the law does get city approval.

Source Credits: jacksonville.com

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