Jaguar Ain't Messing Around With its New 3 Series Rival

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It's all about taking the fight straight to Germany.

Jaguar is currently busy getting its highly anticipated BMW 3 Series fighter prepped for battle, with a debut expected before the 2015 model year. But if you're going to take on the mighty 3 Series, it'd also be wise to offer that model in more than just a sedan body style. Jaguar officials have just hinted at the Frankfurt Motor Show that it's looking to have "a whole family of opportunity" for vehicles based on that mid-size luxury sedan.

That means Jaguar is also looking at a wagon version, an even smaller sedan (or coupe?) and, of course, a crossover. The latter was just previewed as the C-X17 Concept, but it's also possible that an even smaller crossover model could happen. Remember, the new Jag sedan is being built on the brand's all-new aluminum architecture, which just happens to be quite adaptable for other models/body styles. But what we're most interested in is whether Jaguar is going to go ahead with a pair of 3 and 4 Series rivals. Those Jag officials were tight-lipped in regards to specifics, but one of them stated that "The nice thing is we have choices now, which we've never had before."

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