Jaguar and Playboy Pair Up to Debut the XJL Ultimate


Playboy Bunnies appreciate the extended-wheelbase XJL Ultimate.

Pebble Beach has been playing host to plenty of supercars lately, however it isn't just the amazing cars that draw attention during the annual week-long festival. Playboy Magazine brought out the Bunnies for the exclusive debut of the Jaguar XJL Ultimate, what the automaker calls their "most luxurious sedan." The VIP Jaguar Playboy Evening saw live music mixed with gorgeous women and the XJL Ultimate, a 5.0-liter V8-powered sedan complete with all the refinement, luxury and class of a private jet.

A lightweight aluminum build not only keeps weight down but provides impressive performance and respectable fuel efficiency. Limited to only 30 models in the U.S. in bespoke Black Amethyst, the XJL Ultimate features a rear seat business table that elevates with the push of a button, illuminated chiller box for the beverage of your choice and bespoke beverage flutes which are stored underneath the aforementioned table. Jaguar says that the XJL Ultimate utilizes their styling cues of "elegance, muscularity, sleekness and strength," fitting because that's how we would describe our perfect Playboy Bunny.

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"Jaguar and Playboy set out to create something new, a private fun evening to get the Pebble Beach Automotive Weekend going and to showcase the new Jaguar XJL Ultimate," said Jaguar Brand North American Vice President David Pryor. "The evening brought automotive aficionados and friends of Playboy and Jaguar together, without all the crowds and sales pitches experienced the rest of the weekend. Owners of Jaguar cars like an upscale, but relaxed and fun environment, and that is what we created with Playboy for this event." Certainly sounds like a good time to us.

Held at a private estate near Pebble Beach, the event drew celebrities such as singer Wyclef Jean, Emmy- nominated "Mad Men" actress Christina Hendricks, Cult guitarist Billy Duffy and Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody. Other vehicles on display were Playboy's 2012 Car of the Year, the 185mph Jaguar XKR-S Coupe, and the red 1963 Jaguar E-Type which was prominently featured on AMC's "Mad Men". The Jaguar XJL Ultimate will begin pricing at a cool $155,000. The new model is currently on display at the 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in Monterey, California.