Jaguar B99 Concept Study by Bertone

Concept / Comments

Although the Geneva Motor Show is still a couple of weeks away, this hasn't stopped Italian design house Bertone from leaking images of their Jaguar B99 design concept. More than likely, these images are the result of an internal leak, as we don't have too many clues about the specifics yet. What we do know is that Jaguar is currently working on a BMW 3-Series competitor they're hoping to launch within the next couple of years, probably for 2014.

However, the concept here features conservative styling that's more reminiscent of old Jaguar design. It has suicide doors and frameless windows that are very unlikely to make it to production. More than likely, this is simply a one-off design that's purely meant to be a show car. Overall, the B99 doesn't have much in common with the existing XF, XJ, and XK models. Stay tuned for official statements from Jaguar and/or Bertone at Geneva that will hopefully provide some further insight into the upcoming 3-Series fighter.

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