Jaguar C-X17 Concept is Finally Revealed


After several leaked images, Jaguar has now unveiled its latest and first-ever crossover concept at Frankfurt.

Over the past few days, Jaguar leaked a few images of its first-ever crossover concept, the C-X17. But today we’re finally given full details about the concept which looks to be about 95 percent production ready. Although Jaguar is only calling it a "design study," the C-X17 is built on the automaker’s all-new advanced aluminum monocoque architecture, the same platform that will underpin several upcoming models, including the much anticipated BMW 3 Series fighter.

The C-X17’s styling was done by the same man and his team who’ve done all other recent Jaguars, including the gorgeous F-Type. With its low-sitting stance, 23" alloy wheels, and LED headlamps, the concept continues with Jaguar’s aggressive trademark styling in an effort to differentiate it as much as possible from its sister brand Land Rover. The interior "blends high-end interactive technology with premium, traditionally crafted materials." The seats, which are covered in Connolly saddle leather, swing outwards on uniquely engineered hinges for more "a practical seating area." What we particularly like is that panoramic roof.

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All told, the C-X17 is loaded with high-tech goodies like touchscreens and an Interactive Surface Console. Engine wise, Jaguar claims power will be provided by a range of engines, both gasoline and diesel. No word yet on a production version, but it won’t arrive until sometime after the 3 Series competitor is revealed, which is due in 2015.