Jaguar C-X75 And Aston Martin DB10 Duke It Out Filming Spectre


And sadly neither car will see production.

The 24th James Bond film, Spectre, is currently in production. And like any good and proper Bond flick, exotic cars and car chases will play an important role. So let's just get right down to it: our good friend Marchettino managed to shoot even more footage of the Aston Martin DB10, now alongside the Jaguar C-X75, as the pair filmed a chase sequence through the streets of Rome. The night shoot was clearly choreographed and the stunt drivers did a few takes. We'll see next November which one ends up in the film.

In related news, James Bond himself was apparently lightly injured during filming. The DB10 he was riding in supposedly hit a pothole during this very chase scene and star Daniel Craig banged his head. It was a minor injury and filming continued as scheduled.

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