Jaguar C-X75's Tech Will Survive

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Despiting the disappointing decision not to produce the C-X75, major elements of its advance technologies will still find their way into future Jaguar models.

Despite the fact that Jaguar's ultra-gorgeous and high-tech C-X75 concept won't be making production in the end, the automaker will still be utilizing its technology for future models. As we reported just last week, Jaguar made the surprise announcement that the turbine-powered concept would simply be too expensive to develop into a production car. Instead, the automaker will focus on more mainstream future models like an upcoming 3 Series fighter and an SUV. Though more mainstream, they stand to benefit from the C-X75's technology.

Auto Express is reporting that Jaguar will continue developing five C-X75 prototypes "for another five months, until it hits performance targets of 0-62 mph in 2.8 seconds and a 205 mph top speed." Two of those prototypes will then be sold to wealthy collectors at auction. But the C-X75's legacy will continue on thanks to Jaguar using its technology for other models. Elements such as the prototype's carbon fiber chassis, lightweight alloys and advanced aerodynamics will be utilized in alternative future applications. What's more is that Jaguar also plans to use what it's learned from the C-X75's heart and soul: its jet turbine engine.

If the C-X75 made production, Jaguar would have swapped the turbine technology for a more conventional twin-turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder, but the automaker still wants to use turbines for future cars and to "generate domestic energy." That high-revving four-pot, by the way, makes 500 horsepower and even has a lightweight electric motor for an extra power boost. That technology setup too may be salvaged for future use. If that's the case, then we'd love to see it applied to the all-new F-Type. That is certainly something much more feasible and cost-effective for Jaguar to do.

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