Jaguar Classic Brings C-Type Back To Life

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The continuation program celebrates 70 years of the C-Type.

This is turning into somewhat of a renaissance year for the Jaguar C-Type, a sports racer that triumphed at the 1953 edition of Le Mans. Just days ago, a Scottish racing team called Ecurie Ecosse confirmed it would be producing seven continuation C-Types.

Now, Jaguar Classic has announced that in celebration of 70 years of the C-Type, it would embark on a continuation series of its own for the C-Type. A limited number of hand-built C-Types will be produced, and customers will even be able to customize their car via a new online configurator - this is a luxury that an original C-Type customer couldn't enjoy back in 1953.

Jaguar Classic Jaguar Classic Jaguar Classic Jaguar Classic

This will be the first time that motorsport fans will have the chance to purchase a new version of the 1953 'works' C-Type from Jaguar. A total of eight continuation C-Types will be built before a celebration event planned for their owners next year. These examples will be based on the specification of the 1953 Le Mans works team car.

The C-Type will use a 3.4-liter inline-six engine producing 220 horsepower. This setup employs triple Weber 40DCO3 carburetors, while the Jag will also use disc brakes. If the customer wishes, a Harness Retention System that meets FIA requirements can be equipped. Using the configurator, prospective customers will be able to choose from colors like Carmen Red, Cream, Pastel Green, and Pastel Blue.

Jaguar Classic Jaguar Classic Jaguar Classic Jaguar Classic

Jaguar Classic says that the continuation C-Types "will be eligible for historic racing, track, and closed-road use." By using computer-aided design (CAD) technology, engineers will be able to create a new C-Type that is as faithful to the original design as possible.

The C-Type continuation program follows the announcement from Jaguar Classic last year that six examples of the iconic E-Type would be built in celebration of that model's 60th anniversary, which takes place this year. Jaguar will also be building heritage editions of the existing F-Type R in honor of the E-Type.

Jaguar Classic Jaguar Classic Jaguar Classic Jaguar Classic

Right now, though, it's all about the revival of the older C-Type. "The C-Type laid the foundations for Jaguar's success in endurance racing and is synonymous with design and engineering innovation," said the Director of Jaguar Classic, Dan Pink. He said that the company is proud "to reintroduce this legendary car for a new generation of enthusiasts to enjoy."

Other than its Le Mans heroics, the C-Type was appreciated for its low, aerodynamic body. The racer was also known for accelerating the adoption of disc brakes in the motorsport sphere, with the C-Type's braking system being a joint effort between Dunlop and Jaguar. Only 53 C-Types were produced in the 1950s, making it exceptionally rare. The new continuation series will once again shine the light on this classic.

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