Jaguar Confirms the XE Will Have a Supercharged V6

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Yeah, that's the same engine offered in the F-Type.

After months of waiting, today we finally have our answer. Jaguar has just announced on its official website that the upcoming XE premium sport sedan (AKA the BMW 3 Series fighter) will be powered by the F-Type's supercharged V6. Up until now Jaguar has kept us guessing as to what will be under the hood with anything from a turbo four to a V8. Although we doubted the latter (at least it's not happening right away), a turbo four didn't seem at all unlikely.

In fact, it could and likely will still happen. But when the XE has its premiere, most likely at Paris in September, it'll come powered by the one and only 3.0-liter supercharged V6. Based on the F-Type, we know that engine can produce anywhere from 340 to 380 horsepower. Jaguar hasn't released any sort of power figures just yet, but rest assured: the XE will be worth the wait. Basically, if the F-Type is too small to fit your lifestyle, Jaguar will soon have a proper solution.


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