Jaguar Delays Crossover, 3 Series Rival is Priority

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Jaguar has put a potential new crossover on the back burner while opting to focus on a new compact sedan to rival BMW's 3 Series.

We've reported several times over the past few months that Jaguar is busy at work planning an expansion of its lineup as it continues to grow as a luxury carmaker. With German rivals such as BMW and Audi clearly in its crosshairs, it's also apparent that there some holes within Jaguar's lineup, such as a compact sedan and crossover. Autocar is reporting that Jaguar's global brand director Adrian Hallmark has clarified that crossover development will be taking a backseat to the sedan.


"Even though the SUV market is growing, the (sedan) market is still twice the size, especially in the US," Hallmark stated. He also added that since sister company Land Rover already has a new crossover, the Evoque, Jaguar doesn't see the immediate need to build one of its own. Instead, Jaguar will concentrate its efforts on the long-awaited BMW 3 Series rival. The last time it attempted to build one, it produced the unimpressive Ford Mondeo-based X-Type. Another reason why Jaguar is moving full steam ahead with a compact sedan is because global buyers are downsizing their vehicles and large sedans like the XF and XJ may soon not be enough to sustain the brand.

But entering an ultra-competitive segment like the premium compact sports sedan will be a real challenge, as Hallmark continued: "Trying to find a gap to exploit is a real challenge. Nobody is waiting for another competitor to enter a segment...we have to have a winning proposition." The new entry-level sedan may even evolve into a full lineup of body styles, like a coupe, cabrio and wagon. No timeframe has been announced as to when Jaguar's 3 Series fighter will arrive, but earlier rumors suggested it could debut sometime in late 2015.

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