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Jaguar Design Boss Thinks Massive Touchscreens In Cars Are A Bad Idea

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Are touchscreens in cars getting too large?

As car interior tech gets increasingly advanced, we're used to seeing massive digital screens dominating dashboards in cars. Kia even recently mocked this trend at Geneva with a quirky electric concept car that featured no less than 21 screens on the dashboard. Don't expect Jaguar Land Rover to succumb to this trend, however.

Speaking to Automotive News during a presentation for the facelifted 2020 Jaguar XE at a newly remodeled dealership in Manhattan, Jaguar Land Rover's director of design Ian Callum made it clear that he isn't a fan of massive iPad-style 12-inch screens inside cars.

"Not if I can help it," he said when asked if future Jaguar Land Rover vehicles will adopt these massive screens. He went on to criticize the giant touchscreens that Tesla pioneered in the Model S, which can also be found in models such as the new Toyota Highlander SUV and Ram pickups.

"If you're driving 80-90 miles an hour - and you can in some countries, legally - you don't want to be flipping around an iPad looking to move your door mirrors or your seat controls," Callum said. "You need to be able to feel your way through the car without looking at it for more than a millisecond."

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In contrast, the Jaguar XE has a dual-screen system that displays major information at the top and minor things such as climate control functions below. It also has tactile controls, which Callum says gives drivers "a sense that they are part of something mechanical."

While his criticisms about giant touchscreens in cars are valid, advancements in autonomous technology in the future will mean cars won't require drivers to keep their eyes on the road all the time, allowing for more interaction with the interior.