Jaguar Designer Admits The Gorgeous C-X75 Should Never Have Been Killed


Unfortunately, we can't undo the past.

First revealed back in 2010 and brought back again in 2015 for the James Bond film "Spectre," the C-X75 concept supercar was a stunning piece of work. It was the very definition of Jaguar design: sleek, sexy and ferocious. We all wanted it to reach production. Jaguar wanted to build it. But it didn't happen. How come? It wasn't financially justifiable at the time as Jaguar, or rather Jaguar Land Rover, had to invest in more mainstream models. It was a bad time to build the most perfect halo car.

It's a shame, really, and Jaguar design chief Ian Callum is all too aware of this. He recently told Autocar that that "the C-X75 came so close (to production). It was very sad that it fell over at the final hurdle. I think history will show that we should have done it," Callum said. He's probably right. Although JLR is doing splendidly today, the chances of a C-X75 revival are slim to none. Why? The automaker is rapidly making a shift towards electrification, which is anything but cheap and complicated to do. This doesn't mean there won't be some future halo EV supercar featuring C-X75-inspired styling, but the C-X75 itself will forever remain a concept. What was particularly cool about the 2010 concept was its turbine engine technology.

Jaguar admitted at the time that turbine tech likely wouldn't make production, but solely an example of what the automaker was potentially capable of doing. Fast forward to 2015 when it was clear that battery tech had won the race to eventually replace internal combustion, and Jaguar figured it'd be cool to bring back the C-X75 one last time. The latest Bond film was the perfect way to do that.


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