Jaguar Didn't Build Enough Project 7s to Satisfy Demand

Potential rich customers are calling, and Jaguar has to give them bad news.

The idea was straightforward enough: build a very limited number of an exclusive version of an already special sports car, make a decent enough profit, and move on. That was pretty much Jaguar’s thinking when it came to the Project 7. A total of just 250 hand-built examples are planned of this speedster version of the F-Type roadster. With its $100,000 asking price and additional carbon fiber bodywork, including a new front splitter, rear diffuser, adjustable rear spoiler, and larger side skirts, all examples have been spoken for.

But here’s the thing: according to Autocar, Jaguar is still receiving phone calls from other wealthy customers eager to throw down the cash for one. Only there isn’t one to give them. So now Jaguar is kind of kicking itself for not reading the market properly. If it had done so, then it would have fairly easily realized early on that it could have built and sold additional Project 7s, thus raking in an even healthier profit. It’s too bad that Jaguar still somewhat lacks the confidence in itself regarding special editions such as this. Just look at Porsche and how it correctly reads the market for its many special editions. Perhaps next time Jag will get the build number right.

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