Jaguar Enlists One Of The Smartest Men Alive To Sell The F-Pace

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Who new theoretical astrophysicists could be evil?

Jaguars hae always been the brand of cars that the inherently bad buy. Jeremy Clarkson himself once said that the typical Jag owner is the kind of person to take his wife out on a weekend vacation only to spend the whole time flirting with the waitress. Jaguar knows this, so they have always tried hard to market their cars by having villains endorse them. In their latest ad for the new F-Pace, they get one of the smartest people alive, Stephen Hawking, to play the role of a Jaguar-owning villain.

He plays the part well, exchanging physics-related blows with actor Luke Allen-Gale before they settle on the fact that yes, all villains do drive Jaguars.

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