Jaguar EV Is Happening And Will Probably Be Based On This Model

Just don't electrify the F-Type, please.

An official confirmation has yet to arrive, but more clues are becoming available regarding Jaguar’s EV future. First off, yes, Jaguar will for sure build a fully electric car with a range of nearly 300 miles. Sales should begin no later than 2018. Secondly, it was unknown which Jaguar would be given the full-on battery treatment. According to a new report from Autocar, that model will in fact be a modified version of the upcoming F-Pace crossover. But why pick a model that hasn’t even been launched yet?

It actually does make complete sense, mainly because Tesla will have the Model X ready to go. The likelihood is high other automakers will continue the luxury EV SUV trend, and Jaguar wants to be a major competitor in this new segment. What’s more, California and seven other US states have introduced new Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) legislation. This demands that between 2018 and 2015, the number of ZEVs sold must increase from 5% of all new cars to 15.4%. In other words, eight US states alone are literally forcing automakers to build ZEVs. In order to get the highest possible rate of return on its EV tech investment, sister brand Land Rover will probably offer an EV SUV of its own using the same technology as the F-Pace.

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