Jaguar F-PACE: British Carmaker Names Upcoming SUV

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Will enter production on 2016.

It was never really in doubt that Jaguar would put the C-X17 concept into production, but now the all-new upcoming model has been officially confirmed and even has a name: The Jaguar F-Pace. Talking of the compact SUV, Ian Callum, Jaguar's Design Director said: "It offers a unique combination of Jaguar sports car inspired exterior design, fused beautifully with a thoroughly practical and spacious luxury interior. The F-Pace is our family sports car."

The name comes from Jaguar's historic maxim: 'Grace, Pace, and Space,' and the British firm believes its first performance crossover will be "the ultimate practical sports car, [and] one of the most innovative Jaguars we've ever developed. The F-Pace has now begun its engineering and development testing program ahead of the new model going on sale in 2016," confirmed Andy Goss, JLR's Global Sales Director. For now, only this teaser image has been revealed but we don't imagine it will look too different from the C-X17 concept.

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