Jaguar F-Pace Receives Sinister Makeover From Naughty Germans

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Gotta love those cheeky Germans.

Having won numerous awards for its striking design, the Jaguar F-Pace is arguably one of the most handsome SUVs on the market today. We've gotten up close and personal with the car on a few occasions and concur with the general consensus. Not everyone agrees, however, and tuning specialist AC Schnitzer is one of them. The German aftermarket firm has revealed its latest project based on the British crossover and as you can see the result is something with far more aggression and attitude.

Up front, the tuner has added a new spoiler with a rear roof wing makes for a nice addition to the back of the F-Pace. An AC Schnitzer spring kit lowers the car by up to 25 mm giving it a more menacing stance that's further enhanced with a new set of 22-inch lightweight two-tone alloys. Via a remote control, seven different sounds can be chosen via the tuner's custom sound module. A stainless-steel twin sports silencer comes with either two or four tailpipes featuring chrome or black tailtrims, and can be fitted to the 2.0d and 3.0d models. While the new additions are subtle, the combination makes for quite an impressive package for the British crossover.

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