Jaguar F-Type Coupe Will be a Purist's Dream

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An F-Type RS GT Coupe sounds mighty fine to us.

The upcoming Jaguar F-Type will, unfortunately, be a tad more expensive than its roadster counterpart. Fortunately, the bad news stops there. According to a new report coming from Car Advice, the F-Type Coupe, which will have its official live debut at Frankfurt next month, will be "lighter and faster than the current roadster" and there will be R, RS and RS GT variants in the future. Basically, the F-Type Coupe is being aimed directly at the purists while the Roadster is more for the boulevard type, if you will.

A Jaguar product planner stated that "a coupe is always a more purist proposition, a more driver's proposition. Even from a physics point of view it is a far stiffer proposition." So how will Jaguar make the coupe better for drivers? For starters, all of that extra body reinforcement needed for a soft top will be gone. An aluminum roof will be there instead, thereby cutting weight and improving body strength. It's pretty much the same formula for any convertible to coupe conversion, but now that Jaguar is working with lightweight aluminum and other "intelligent technologies," overall handling and driving characteristics will improve. We say: F-Type RS GT Coupe anyone?

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