Jaguar F-Type is About to Get Even Better

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It's called cutting weight and adding power for a street-legal track car.

Jaguar has promised that it won't stop with the new F-Type R Coupe – more extreme versions will arrive at some point. This supercharged V8 coupe is already beyond impressive, but there's a new rumor claiming that Jaguar is about to take awesome to an even higher altitude. Sources are claiming that Jaguar is well into development of an F-Type Coupe Club Sport, a new trim that could see as much as 440 lbs. shaved off for some true track day performance.

Obviously it'll be street legal and would feature more aggressive aerodynamics, racing-style carbon fiber seats, and lightweight carbon fiber body panels. We're looking at a limited production of perhaps just 500 units per year. What's particularly interesting here is that the V8 may not be the chosen engine. The supercharged V6 isn't being ruled out, thanks mostly to its lower weight. It all depends on finding the proper balance between desired performance and how much weight can be taken off in order to help achieve that goal. But one thing is certain: the Club Sport (or whatever it'll be called) will only be a coupe. Jaguar is aware that serious buyers don't want this kind of car as a roadster.

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