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Jaguar F-Type Off To A Bad Start in S. Africa as one Plows into a Taxi

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Quite a serious accident, but thankfully no one was killed.

South Africa isn't a huge automotive market compared to countries like the US or China. But it is by far the biggest in the region, and that sometimes gets it special consideration from automotive manufacturers. The new Jaguar F-Type, for example, still exists in such small numbers that there are some smaller countries which haven't seen a single unit yet, whereas South Africa has already managed to get one into the hands of someone who crashed it.

The F-Type collided violently with a minibus taxi in Durbin, injuring 17. There were no deaths, but 3 passengers were seriously injured, although they are now in stable condition in the hospital. Although it's easy to imagine the driver of the F-Type simply got a bit carried away with the thrill which the new car can offer, we don't know for certain that it was the Jag which was at fault. In fact, the drivers of such taxis are notorious in South Africa for their risky and aggressive driving. Either way, it appears that both vehicles have been effectively totaled.

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