Jaguar F-Type R Owner Acts Like An Ass But It's Okay Because Engine Noise

It may be the best sounding car on the roads today.

There are supercars that sound good, and then there’s the Jaguar F-Type R. Now it can’t keep up with supercars, but sounds better than most of them. The driver in the white Jaguar F-Type R may be acting like an ass with burnouts, full-throttle accelerations and questionable driving, but the Jag sounds that it almost becomes okay. With its crackles, pops and growls, the F-Type R has to be one of the best sounding vehicles on the road today. So we ask you, is there anything out there that sounds this good?

Watch the video below and enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of the F-Type R, as well as some other supercars.

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