Jaguar F-Type RS Will Come Sooner or Later


The Jaguar F-Type RS is coming at some point down the road and it will no doubt be glorious.

We love everything about the new Jaguar F-Type. It's absolutely stunning inside and out and its engines purr ever so nicely when asked. But when Jaguar unleashed its one-off F-Type -based Project 7 late last week for this year's Goodwood FoS, it got Jaguar fans and many in the car community speculating as to when the UK automaker will launch a high-performance RS variant. Although Jaguar has yet to confirm that an F-Type RS is on the calendar, it's all but guaranteed the car will happen.

More than likely it will probably be unveiled in about a year's time in order to allow for the spotlight to remain on the F-Type base roadster and upcoming coupe. But that Project-7 did offer a few styling clues as to what an RS variant could look like. Rendering artist Theophilus Chin has incorporated the one-off concept's large front air intakes, front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser and spoiler, and hood vents into these images. If we didn't know beforehand that these are rendered images, we'd honestly mistake them for the real deal.

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