Jaguar F-Type Shooting Brake is a Dream That Won't Happen


Then again, never say never.

We love everything about the Jaguar F-Type. There's not an angle it doesn't look incredible from, and the sound coming from any of its wonderful engines is truly harmonic. Too bad both the coupe and roadster are anything but cheap, but the F-Type is a more than worthy spiritual successor to the iconic E-Type. Now, Jaguar has made it clear that it's considering various special editions and other unique versions of the F-Type over the coming years.

For starters, a turbocharged four pot entry-level model is currently being tested. And surely there'll be some other surprises along the way. But when we saw these latest renderings courtesy of Theophilus Chin, we have another request for Jaguar to fulfill: an F-Type Shooting Brake. If Ferrari can do it with the FF, there's no reason why Jaguar can't do the same. So we're asking Jaguar nicely: please do this. We know it'll be expensive, but it's too beautiful to pass up. Sadly, we doubt it'll ever happen and become more than just a dream.

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