Jaguar F-Type to Receive Manual Transmission and AWD?

Will it now be the ultimate Porsche killer?

As one of the best-looking, sexiest cars currently out there, the F-Type has brought Jaguar back into the sports car game, with claims of Porsche-killing performance and the numbers to match. But one thing it has been missing – both in V6 and V8 formats – is a manual gearbox option. The current F-Type is available only with an 8-speed paddle shift automatic and rear-wheel drive. According to Motor Trend’s Jonny Lieberman, this is all about to change.

Lieberman recently Tweeted that the hot Porsche-fighting Jag is soon to receive an option for all-wheel drive, as well as a stick shift. There has been no confirmation of this from the company itself, but it seems that the combination would be perfect for a car that wants to unseat the 911 as the ultimate sports car.

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