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Jaguar Finally Confirms All-Electric Flagship

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As the old flagship gets put out to pasture.

Next to newer flagship models like the Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, and Mercedes S-Class, the Jaguar XJ offered few benefits besides a sexy Ian Callum design and a driver-focused feel. Hence why the current generation model has left production as of July 5, 2019. Jaguar’s plant in Solihull, UK has built over 120,000 examples of the current XJ since it entered production back in 2010. But on the same day the company's flagship is killed off, Jaguar has announced what's coming next.

All rumors have pointed to the XJ's successor being an all-electric sedan and now Jaguar Land Rover has finally confirmed the rumors are true. JLR says it plans to produce "a range of new electrified vehicles” at its Solihull plant including the new, all-electric XJ.

The XJ will be the first all-electric model to be produced at the Solihull plant. The I-Pace and plug-in hybrid versions of the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport are currently built by Magna Steyr in Austria. JLR says the new XJ will retain the "beautiful design, intelligent performance, and revered luxury” found on the current model.

The company's Castle Bromwich plant will also be used to build the new Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA), which can accommodate gas and diesel engines as well as hybrid and electric drivetrains. EVs built on the MLA platform are expected to have a driving range of around 292 miles and plug-ins on the architecture will have an electric-only range of around 30 miles.

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The MLA platform will likely underpin upcoming models like the Jaguar J-Pace and next-generation Range Rover, which could have their own all-electric variants. Rumors indicate the XJ could produce over 800 horsepower using four electric motors, one for each wheel. If the rumors are true, the new XJ could pose a sales threat to the Tesla Model S and the upcoming Porsche Taycan.