Jaguar Green Lights New F-Type

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Now that Jaguar is no longer a part of Ford, the company is finally going back to its roots. New owners Tata Motors have pledged to invest 1 GBP billion for the next five years and Jaguar plans to use the funds well. We've already been introduced to the new XJ this past year and its stunning as Jaguar has ditched the retro styling in favor of sleek and sexy lines. As former owner Ford was running into money problems, the development plug was pulled on a reborn F-Type roadster.

Only concepts were made and the project died. But that was then. With a new owner and, more importantly, better funding, the F-Type project is back. Jaguar hopes to position it in the $50,000 range. In other words, this would be the cheapest Jaguar on the market. Still, with a rumored target competition consisting of the Audi R8 and Porsche 911, this price seems a little too cheap. No word yet on power, but it's fair to assume it'll be V8 powered with a mid-engine layout. The earliest this could come to market is around 2012. If true, we'll be seeing the first concepts sometime this year.

Not only is this good for Jaguar, but it also shows the company is quickly moving into German held territory. With a mid and large sedan plus a grand tourer already in the product lineup, a future F-Type is further proof Jaguar is going after German competitors such as BMW.

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