Jaguar Has Radical Plan To Replace Two Sedans

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The XE and XF have been slow sellers for the British automaker.

There was a time, and it wasn't very long ago, when the bulk of Jaguar's business was in selling luxury sedans. The odd coupe, convertible, and wagon, too – but mostly sedans. Those days are long behind it, though. And in response, the company is reportedly considering a rather drastic move.

According to Autocar, Jaguar is evaluating a plan to replace both the XE and XF with a single model – not unlike what Lexus has done with the new ES, which was moved slightly up-market and up a size in this iteration to relieve the GS. Only this model will be all-electric.

As radical as the idea may seem, it wouldn't be Jaguar's first EV after all. That place will forever be held by the I-Pace electric crossover, but will soon be joined by others. The British automaker is expected to replace the current XJ with an all-electric, full-size luxury sedan. And it's tipped to be working on a battery-powered successor for the F-Type sports car line. But this new purported model stands to be a bigger volume player for the Leaping Cat marque, and play a bigger part in helping the company meet government mandates to reduce its carbon emissions across its lineup.

Jaguar Land Rover
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The biggest impetus for the change, however, may be in the lackluster sales of both the compact and mid-size sedans. Out of the 122,626 vehicles that Jaguar Land Rover sold in the United States last year, the Jaguar brand accounted for just 30,483 – less than a third of Land Rovers sold. Of those, the XE accounted for just 4,704 units, and the XF another 2,308 – 7,012 combined, or less than 17.5 percent of the group's combined sales. By comparison, Jaguar sold 19,624 crossovers – the vast majority of which were E-Pace and F-Pace models, with the I-Pace just picking up steam, so to speak.


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