Jaguar Has Shot Itself In The Foot By Creating Its Own Version Of Uber

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On the other hand, ordering up an F-Type on your iPhone seems pretty cool.

Changing perspectives on things is the best way to evolve and avoid dying out. People once saw the telephone as a means of chatting with a friend, but ever since tech companies began to see it as a tool to connect, it's evolved into something we use to do our banking, dating, and more. Similarly, automakers are beginning to shift perspectives in order to stay ahead of the curve. Once, people saw BMW, Land Rover, and Jaguar as companies that made hunks of metal that sounded nice and got people to the grocery store.


Now the auto industry is being seen through another lens entirely. Rather than providing a product (a car), automakers are providing a service (transportation). This explains why BMW has begun offering the ReachNow program, which is basically the exact same thing as Uber and Lyft except that riders can reserve cars in advance and be certain that their car will be a BMW product. Additionally, customers using this program can have cars delivered to them or gain access to shared BMWs parked at certain locations. Currently, the service is available in San Francisco and Seattle but may be expanded. Just a few days after BMW extended the ReachNow program to Seattle, Jaguar/Land Rover announced that it would following suit.

To do this, it will open its own rideshare program except this time it will be dubbed "InMotion." It isn't clear which cities will get InMotion service, but JLR did mention that it had hired 30 employees in London, UK, to work for the company. Of course, automakers that start unique versions of Uber have every incentive to keep fleet vehicles within the brand, which offers a new and interesting type of competition. Now automakers will need to compete with one another for car sales as well as rideshare customers. In other news, if this takes off, it wouldn't be far fetched for gearheads in the future to splurge here and there and rent a Jaguar F-Type or a BMW i8 for a day. We'll have to wait and see how the program pans out, but we'll keep our fingers crossed.

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