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Jaguar I-Pace Range Will Leave You Wanting More

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This SUV is one hungry electric kitty.

The I-Pace has been making a big splash ever since it was announced, reviewers have commented positively on the quality interior trim, great handling and strong performance from Jaguar's very first EV.

In amongst the glowing reviews, some testers have found that the I-Pace is not quite as efficient as one might expect from the latest-generation electric vehicles. Jaguar has just provided its EPA estimated figures for the I-Pace and they say it can do 234 miles on a 90-kWh battery pack.

That result falls well short of all of its main rivals as well as some far cheaper EVs. The bottom line is that the I-Pace is just not very efficient with its electricity usage.

The 76 MPGe combined figure is perhaps a better way to compare the Jag to other EVs as this does not consider the different sized battery packs between competitors. There is also the issue of which standard has been used to calculate these figures, for this comparison we will stick to the numbers as provided by InsideEVs to ensure fairness.

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Tesla's Model X 75D is just about the I-Pace's closest competitor and it gets a combined 93 MPGe, this means that despite its smaller 75-kWh battery pack it can actually go 3 miles further on a charge than the I-Pace. There is clearly an efficiency issue here that may or may not be a simple issue to resolve.

EVs are highly susceptible to temperature changes and driving styles so it will be interesting to see whether the comparably high-power usage comes down to simply inefficient heat dissipation or a more complex technical issue. The real test will be whether real-world driving will correlate with the estimated figures provided. For now, though, the I-Pace seems like it will cost you more to run than the competition.