Jaguar I-Pace Stands Up To Real-World Road Trip

Road Trip

The electric Jag drove from London to Brussels on a single charge.

Theoretical range is one thing. But what drivers of electric vehicles especially need to know is how far their car can go in real-world conditions. And Jaguar set out to showcase just that by taking its new I-Pace on a bit of a road trip.

The British automaker drove its first electric vehicle from London, off the British isles at Folkestone, through the Channel Tunnel, emerging at Calais in France, and all the way to Brussels on a single charge. The total distance driven: 229 miles (or 369 kilometers). That's pretty close to its quoted WLTP range of 292 miles.

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True to form, the electric Jag arrived in the Belgian metropolis with power in reserve. It was a real-world test if we've ever seen one, with one notable exception that actually demanded more (not less) of the vehicle's batteries: rather than take the Chunnel train as 80 million vehicles have, Jaguar drove the I-Pace under its own power through a service tunnel – which isn't something “the rest of us” would be allowed to do, emissions or no emissions.

What's more is that the I-Pace is no Nissan Leaf. With a 90kWh battery pack, it'll hit 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds.

That's quicker not only than the conventionally powered E-Pace, but any version of the more potent F-Pace as well (short of the supercharged eight-cylinder SVR performance model).

“We know customers won’t compromise on everyday usability so we engineered our electric performance SUV to deliver outstanding real-world range,” commented Jaguar's vehicle integration manager Stephen Boulter. “By driving the 229 miles (369km) from London to Brussels on a single charge – and arriving with plenty of range left – we’ve demonstrated how comfortably it deals with long-distance journeys.”