Jaguar Is Allowing The Masses To Drive The Classics

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An absolutely one of a kind event.

To understand the motivation behind Jaguar's decision to let members of the public go for a drive (for a fee) in some of the marque's most sought-after models, you should probably know that it comes on the heels of Jaguar having recently acquired some 500 cars from private collector James Hull. A variety of events will be offered at the company's test facility in Fen End in the UK. Prices at just £95 for hour-long sessions behind the wheel of a classic.


But for those wanting the full experience of a whole day with classic Jaguars (and catering), the price goes up to £2,000. Some new models will be thrown in as well, such as the F-Type, as Jaguar obviously wants the support of the kind of core enthusiasts who will be attending this event in the selling of these new models. Older vehicles include C-Types, D-Types and the XKSS, with many of the events having a Le Mans theme to them. Jaguar will also be showing off a special selection of 10 cars which it has deemed to be their very best, called the Perfect Ten exhibition.

We even have a video of what part of that selection process looked like.

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