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Jaguar is Planning to Make the Next XJ Even Sexier


Because you've got to look good when competing against the 7 Series, S-Class, and A8.

The big news coming out of Jaguar lately is the new XE sedan, set to have its live debut at Paris early next month. We also know that a crossover based on the C-X17 concept is in development. Testing is also underway for the next-generation XF, as recent spy shots have revealed. And so far the F-Type roadster and coupe have been a phenomenal success story, catapulting Jaguar to a level of prestige it hasn’t seen in far too long. So that leaves us with the current flagship sedan, the XJ. The current generation went into production back in 2009.

A mid-life refresh will debut in Paris next month, but time and competition happen. And now we’ve just begun to hear some early whisperings as to what we can expect from the next-gen XJ, due in 2017. According to Edmunds, who claims to have received the info from a highly placed Jaguar source, the next XJ "will be a bit of a jolt, but will work for people." In other words, expect the next flagship to introduce fresh design language. Previously, it was the XF that did this job, as it was a far departure from any previous Jag. We also wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the F-Type has already previewed the look of future models. Whatever the case turns out to be, Jaguar is back where it belongs in the industry.

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