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Jaguar is Reviving its Classic Lightweight E-Type

18 examples were planned back in 1963. Just 12 were built, and Jaguar is now planning to finish the job.

Way back in February 1963, Jaguar began its production run of 18 "Special GT E-Type Cars." However, only 12 examples were completed, the last of which were built in 1964. Those remaining six designated chassis numbers just never happened. Until now. Jaguar has just announced it will soon begin its first ever recreation project. It will build those last remaining six chassis numbers to the exact specifications of the originals. Even the 3.8-liter straight-six engine will remain.

The new cars will, of course, be hand-built in-house. They will be identical to the 12 originals, right down to the finest details including its all-aluminum body and engine block. Compared to the standard classic E-Type, the Lightweight weighed about 250 lbs. less thanks to said aluminum along with the absence of chrome work in the interior and exterior. Even the side windows were hand-operated. And as expected, these six Lightweight E-Types will be in hot demand. No word yet on pricing (it’ll be insanely expensive), but Jaguar will prioritize potential buyers who are established brand collectors and those with historic race car interests. Expect for the first "new" Lightweight E-Type to debut later this summer.

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