Jaguar is Teasing Us With This Image of its Upcoming XE

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Could this become the BMW 3 Series's worst nightmare?

Set to be revealed this September at Paris, Jaguar has begun teasing its upcoming BMW 3 Series fighter, the XE. We've seen spy shots of test mules doused in heavy camouflage in the past, but this image is, so far, the most revealing yet. Yes, it's still not completely naked, but this is the clearest view yet of what the production version will look like. And yes, it seems to resemble a scaled down version of the larger XF and XJ, which is no bad thing.

Only this time, the XE will be built on Jaguar's all-new rear- and all-wheel-drive aluminum platform that also underpins the F-Type. Power will come from a variety of engines, gasoline and diesel, but the latter may or may not be offered in the US. However, all countries will very likely be offered an XE powered by a new turbocharged four-cylinder. Jaguar is also planning a high-performance version that'll be powered by the F-Type's supercharged V6. In order to really take the fight to Audi and BMW in North America, all-wheel-drive will be an optional for those who have snowy weather a good chunk of the year. Unlike the old X-Type, Jaguar is determined to get its entry-level model right this time around.

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