Jaguar J-Pace Will Come In 2021 To Fight The Porsche Cayenne

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And Land Rover will play an integral role.

With the successful launch of its E-Pace completed and the all-electric I-Pace crossover having had its official debut, Jaguar is already turning its attention to its next big SUV project, the J-Pace. We recently learned Jaguar was keen to expand its SUV offerings with a larger vehicle aimed at the Porsche Cayenne, but there was one issue: how not to infringe upon Land Rover territory. Of course, Land Rovers are more off-road focused whereas Jaguars prove themselves on pavement, so that's where the SUVs will deviate.


According to Autocar, Jaguar is aiming to get its J-Pace (the name is not yet confirmed) good to go for 2021. Jaguar, basically, cannot afford not to expand its SUV lineup given the extremely high demand for luxury and performance SUVs in major global markets. This demand is not expected to dwindle down any time soon. SUVs are also highly profitable for automakers. For now, Jaguar is not divulging details, but based on past statements, the UK automaker promised at least one electrified version of every model by 2020, so it's fair to assume a plug-in hybrid J-Pace variant will happen.

A gasoline engined version is also a certainty, though it's still too early to know whether the supercharged 5.0-liter V8 will make an appearance. However, the J-Pace will still rely on its Land Rover sister brand for some key ingredients, specifically running gear and powertrains. As far as design goes, Jaguar design chief Ian Callum is supposedly working on an all-new shape, which makes sense given the F-Pace will be around five years old by the time the J-Pace arrives. In other words, don't expect the J-Pace to be little more than a stretched F-Pace. A flagship SUV demands its own personality, especially with the Cayenne in its crosshairs.

It'll also feature an all-aluminum body to help keep weight in check along with a low and wide stance. Compared to some Land Rovers, the rear seat of the J-Pace will also be more spacious, a factor that'll help propel sales in China where owners prefer to be chauffeured around town rather than driving themselves. Because the F-Pace has been very profitable and with similar or even better expectations with the E-Pace, Jaguar will invest heavily in J-Pace development in order to have a proper and highly competition three-vehicle SUV lineup.


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